Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering

AEG’s mechanical engineering services are focused on building performance, controllability, energy use, maintainability, and the elegant integration of mechanical systems with architectural design.

The firm’s work includes the design and specification of:

  • HVAC systems utilizing passive design strategies, radiant floor and ceiling systems, chilled beams, displacement ventilation, and variable refrigerant flow systems, among others
  • Central plant systems including geothermal, chilled water, steam/boiler, and condenser water systems
  • Renewable energy systems including solar thermal, photovoltaics (PV), wind, and biomass
    Plumbing systems including rainwater, greywater reclamation and blackwater systems

  • Fire sprinkler systems such as wet and dry pipe, fire pumps, and alternate extinguishing systems
  • Medical and Industrial air and gas systems
  • Other related services
  • Building simulation studies including energy modeling, comfort modeling and life cycle cost analysis
    Natural ventilation and passive heating and cooling studies
    Building ventilation and air quality analysis
    Thermal imaging of building envelopes 
    Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling

Our mechanical systems create environments that are comfortable for occupants, economic for owners and efficient with resources.

When thoughtfully designed, mechanical services such as ventilation, heating and cooling can go unnoticed. Yet these essential services help make offices and apartments attractive to tenants, and hotels appealing to guests. At their best they are resource-efficient, easy to control and maintain, and adaptable.

AEG’s mechanical engineers provide simple and elegant solutions that enhance the long-term value of properties. Our experience encompasses passive and energy-efficient solutions that contribute to sustainable building design and appraisal and retrofit for better performing services in existing buildings.

We integrate mechanical, electrical and public health engineering to deliver complete building services for projects of all types of buildings, we provided well rounded solutions.

AEG works with clients to create buildings that meet their requirements as well as their aspirations. Many clients want to find balance between commercial performance, usability, comfort and sustainability.

Such balanced solutions demand coordination. Our mechanical engineers regularly collaborate – with façade designers and structural engineers, for instance – to attain all-round performance that exceeded expectation

We regularly go beyond standard mechanical engineering solutions to create a better balance for clients.

Exceptional solutions often emerge from AEG’s sophisticated use of design tools such as energy modelling and thermal software. Our mechanical engineers are at the forefront of 3D modelling and building information modelling, which support seamless virtual prototyping and maintenance management.